Exiting The Freeway

Old Guys Exiting the Freeway
Exiting The Freeway

The right lane is for the slow moving traffic but it’s also the lane you use when preparing to exit the freeway. Now be sure and maintain a cushion of safety around yourself as you prepare to exit the freeway.

You got a big cushion of safety Uncle Dale.

Now move into that lane well ahead of your opportunity to exit. Exit ramps are usually located a minimum of 1000 feet before the exit. Once on the exit ramp, be prepared to reduce your speed to match that of the frontage road.

No noogies Uncle Dale!

• When you are near your exit be sure and check your mirrors and look for blind spots.
• Indicate a right lane change with your signals and make a smooth lane change.
• Never exit from the freeway from the middle lane or fast lane all in one action. Change lanes one at a time.
• Once you are in the right lane and if you have plenty of time to exit, turn off your signal and wait until it is time to exit.
• Traffic exiting the freeway has the right of way but also be aware and helpful to those that are entering the freeway as well.
• When you have exited onto the side road or frontage road, remember that you must be at or below the posted speed limit.

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