The Human Element

Driving Aggressively, it’s estimated that each year aggressive driving is a major contribution in up to 27,000 fatalities and 3 million injuries. They are driving in traffic without cause or concern for the safety of themselves or those around them. Aggressive drivers are more likely to drink and drive unbelted. Aggressive drivers are more likely speed and tailgate. Driving aggressively such as tailgating is dangerous because it greatly reduces one’s ability to react to driving situations from vehicles in front of you. Although aggressive drivers aren’t necessarily angry at other drivers, they can cause other drivers to become upset or enraged. Aggressive driving can easily escalate into an incident of road rage.
Incidents that trigger aggressive driving are usually just simple matters of discourtesy such as:

• hand and facial gestures, Sly aggressive driving
• loud music,
• overuse of the horn,
• tailgating and
• failure to signal when changing lanes.

Make sure you are not the cause by being distracted or inconsiderate to the needs of others, it might just be that they want to get away from you and your bad driving habits.

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