Collision Traps

Driving in congestion can involve many different situations. Vehicles changing lanes, speeding up and slowing down, exiting and entering the freeway. Maintaining a safe space is essential.
Adjust speed to maintain a following safe distance. Do not use cruise control in congested traffic.
Gerbelbaum Collision TrapsSafe space is the area that we establish around our vehicle that moves along with us as we drive.
Always have a plan of action. Activities other drivers are engaged in while driving will affect their ability to react in a situation. These drivers also have difficulty maintaining speed and lane position.
The problem with most broadsided crashes is that the person hit never sees it coming. When you don’t have the ability to see and anticipate a side impact you are subjected to a harder impact. Seat belts and airbags can help soften the blow from a driver swaying back-to-front in a rear or frontal crash.
When you are faced with the threat of a side impact crash, you should:

• Brake or accelerate quickly – whichever seems more likely to prevent or lessen the force of the impact
• Look for a possible escape route – possibly in another lane or off the roadway
• Brake firmly and turn your vehicle away from the impacting vehicle to lessen the force of impact if there is room to maneuver your vehicle.

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