Cell Phones

Cell Phones

Just about everyone owns a wireless device such as a cell phone or a smart pad. The use of a cell phones while driving has become a major factor in traffic collisions

Cell phones are the number 4 cause of motor vehicle collisions. The rising usage of cell phones while driving is yet another major factor of traffic collisions.

Driving While Talking or Texting. More and more people are turning their cars into their living room couches. Women and young people are most commonly found to be the yackers. Research shows that drivers that use them have a slower reaction time and have difficulty maintaining their speed and lane position.

Driving while talking on cell phone reduces a driver’s reaction time (yes, that means you too!) and makes it difficult to maintain speed and lane position. Do yourself and others a big favor and turn the phone off while your driving. Whatever business you have or whoever you need to contact, they will still be there when you arrive.

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