Daun Thompson has spent years acting in both film and theatre which has been paramount in launching her onto the comedy stage (incidentally, without a helmet, resulting in a nasty concussion). Being a funny girl is a full time job. A job that she hopes that one day will come with dental benefits and a 401K. Unlike her work, she is biodegradable, yet flame retardant. And gentle to the touch. Her goal in life??? For strangers to approach her and ask "Didn't you used to be somebody?" In the late 1980's she cut her teeth at the Velveeta Room on 6th Street in Austin, Texas ... the original room with the stripper pole. From there, she moved to northern California and worked with many comedy icons, like Mitch Hedberg, Marc Maron, Colin Quinn, Vic Dunlop, Huck Flyn, Michael Mancini, Doug Ferrari, Shang and Brian Posehn. Daun has been a licensed driver safety instructor and trainer with Comedy Defensive Driving for over 9 years. Her knowledge of driving safety laws keeps her readers informed and engaged with her blog adventures. She still continues to do stand-up comedy, sometimes in a reclining position...just to be different.

open container laws in Texas


What do you want for Christmas? If it’s bail money, then maybe this blog is a little too late for you. But maybe it’s not too late for everyone else. Most people don’t drink and drive anymore. And why would you, with so many inexpensive rideshare services available now. But what about the open container…

airbag history


I took a tour at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida over the Thanksgiving holiday. 1968 was apparently a big year, both good and bad. It was the year that Apollo 8 orbited the moon. And the three astronauts aboard were the first humans to orbit the moon. It is said that 1968 remains one…

winter tire pressure check


We’ve already had a few freezes in Texas this month, which is not typical for November. But Mother Nature is certainly bipolar or perhaps she’s off her meds. My new car has so many crazy sensors in it. Last week, the dash lit up with a flashing sign “Warning: Tire Pressure Low.” But, which tire??…