Age And Driving Behavior – Texas

Why does age affect your driving behavior? Lack of focus is a common characteristic of inexperienced drivers. Less experienced drivers tend to have poor planning. They are easily distracted, neglect to maintain their vehicle properly and generally have a lack of understanding when it comes to the driving task.

Time behind the wheel gives you more experience. Studies have shown that as we age, we tend to make less aggressive decisions in life and on the highway. Statistically, older folks tend to be more mature-minded, cautious and even-tempered.

As we age some of our senses which can become dulled make driving much more difficult; our vision, our hearing, and our smell. Your eyesight accounts for 90% of your driving input. Keen eyesight is especially important when driving at highway speeds. Good vision or a lack thereof of course is the main factor. Good vision might also be helpful in dealing with emergencies, poor lighting and bad weather. The last vision test most drivers have had was when they got their license renewed. If you haven’t had your eyes checked in awhile go get them checked, you’re getting older every second and so are your eyes, so treat you eyes with care. Wearing glasses, wearing hearing aids and regular exercise programs.

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