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Defensive Driving License CP333

  • "All videos and entertaining"
    - E. Lightbourn, El Paso, TX
    February 07, 2016 (Student # 3,399,074)
  • "It's funny,which makes time pass faster!"
    - L. Durrett, College Station, TX
    February 07, 2016 (Student # 3,399,075)
  • "The cartoon personalities"
    - C. Guyton, Plano, TX
    February 06, 2016 (Student # 3,399,076)
  • "I didn't have to leave my home to complete it."
    - A. Avila, El Paso, TX
    February 06, 2016 (Student # 3,399,077)
  • "I could start and stop it when ever i wanted."
    - J. Huddleston, Richardson, TX
    February 06, 2016 (Student # 3,399,078)
  • "The course was very informational."
    - E. Alrafati, San Antonio , TX
    February 06, 2016 (Student # 3,399,079)
  • "On-line--available 24 hours."
    - J. Wierschke, Schertz, TX
    February 06, 2016 (Student # 3,399,080)
  • "The detailed learning experience"
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    February 06, 2016 (Student # 3,399,081)
  • "The course was entertaining, easy to follow, easy to understand."
    - M. Padron, Converse, TX
    February 06, 2016 (Student # 3,399,082)
  • "The humor got me through the course. makes a difference."
    - N. Ukpong, Arlington , TX
    February 06, 2016 (Student # 3,399,083)
  • "I enjoyed the comedians and i actually did learn some new things."
    - H. Banks, Crowley, TX
    February 06, 2016 (Student # 3,399,084)
  • "Th fact that i could do it a little bit at a time."
    - H. Gray, Dallas, TX
    February 05, 2016 (Student # 3,399,085)
  • "You emphasized the main points. lots of characters. short segments."
    - J. Martinez, Austin, TX
    February 05, 2016 (Student # 3,399,086)
  • "Not like the common boring dd classes"
    - A. Ahmed, College Station, TX
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    February 05, 2016 (Student # 3,399,089)
  • "It was easy and entertaining"
    - B. Shrum, Fort Worth, TX
    February 05, 2016 (Student # 3,399,090)
  • "That it was online and i could take it at my own pace."
    - M. Cade, El Paso, TX
    February 05, 2016 (Student # 3,399,091)
  • "The comedy aspect of it made it go by smoothly"
    - M. Nunez, Garland, TX
    February 05, 2016 (Student # 3,399,092)
  • "Hilarious and very interesting"
    - T. Fuller, Nacogdoches, TX
    February 04, 2016 (Student # 3,399,093)

Texas Defensive Driving Classes

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Texas Defensive Driving

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Need your Driving Record?

First, you need to the ask court that issued you the traffic citation if you can take defensive driving – you must be approved to take defensive driving by the court. Got that? The court will also notify you if you need to obtain a certified copy of your Texas driving record, however, some Texas courts will charge you extra and get the driving record for you, so make sure you read all the paperwork they give you and follow the courts directions.

Learn more about Texas Driving Records

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Texas Education Agency Approved Course for Texas Defensive Driving – Comedy Defensive Driving C1910/C1965 – International Driver Training, Inc. CP333 **This course fulfills the requirements of the Traffic Ticket Dismissal for ALL courts in Texas and for Insurance Reduction. This course can also be taken voluntarily to brush up on your driving skills.**