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Defensive Driving License CP333

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    August 28, 2015
    Student #3,366,169
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    August 28, 2015
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    August 28, 2015
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Texas Defensive Driving Classes

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#1 Comedy Classroom Course:

  • Prices Start at Only $25.00
  • #1 Comedy Course for Classroom Training
  • State Approved for All Courts in Texas
  • Free and Expedited Certificate Delivery Options
  • Convenient Locations for all Cities in Texas
  • Only 5 hours of class time (plus 1 hour break)


3,000,000 Students:

Why have over 3,000,000 students chosen Comedy Defensive Driving? Because we started this whole professional funny person that teaches you something you don’t want to learn. That’s right, we started this to trick you into paying attention by laughing. The best part is that this Texas defensive driving class is State Approved to remove a speeding ticket or any other moving violation (except racing, running from the law, having a shoot out with the law or being mean to kittens. For being mean to kittens… you need to see a doctor).

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Delivery of your Certificate of Course Completion is FREE and arrives in the mail within 3 to 8 days of course completion.
 If you need your Certificate FASTER than that you can easily upgrade to Overnight Shipping during registration.

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Got questions about our Classroom Course? Don’t worry we get asked questions all the time and have an answer for every one of them… if we can’t answer it – you aren’t asking about defensive driving. Frequently Asked Questions


Instructor: Joel Malloy
“He was great. I was hoping for an oncor” L. Lewis – Garland, Texas
Instructor: Larry Campbell
“Our instructor was way cool and very funny, he made the time go by real fast” K. Culpepper – Dallas, Texas Read More

100% Guaranteed

Comedy Defensive Driving, Driving Instruction, Irving, TX
Your 100% Satisfaction Is Guaranteed. For over 25 years Comedy Defensive Driving has offered a SIMPLE, FAST and FUN way to complete a Texas Defensive Driving Class. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Driving Records

First, you need to the ask court that issued you the traffic citation if you can take defensive driving – you must be approved to take defensive driving by the court. Got that? The court will also notify you if you need to obtain a certified copy of your Texas driving record, however, some Texas courts will charge you extra and get the driving record for you, so make sure you read all the paperwork they give you and follow the courts directions. More Info


Want to see which crazy comedian could possibly be teaching your class? All instructors are licensed to teach defensive driving by the Texas Education Agency Driver Training Division. More Instructors


We have class locations throughout the State of Texas. There are classes in all the major cities such as Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, College Station as well as many rural areas. Take a peek at All Locations or search for a class by entering your Zip Code

Payment Options

We always recommend registering prior to going to class. Online registration allows the option to pay with Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express during registration. No extra fees! If paying in class, you will need to bring cash or money order.

Secure Processing

We make security PRIORITY ONE.
We only use the most advanced security available for securing customer data.

Classroom Requirements

Showing up to class is easy. Bring your Drivers license or ID, and a copy of your traffic ticket. Wear comfotable clothes and bring a sense of humor. More Info

Try the Online Course?

Need the convenience of an online course? No matter what city you are in, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio or anywhere else in the State of Texas you can register online and start the course right away. More Information

How to take Texas Defensive Driving Online

Our online defensive driving courses are for Texas residents looking for a state-approved way to get that pesky traffic ticket dismissed—and best of all, you don’t even have to leave your home. Millions of Texans have completed our defensive driving online courses, which covers Texas traffic law in a highly entertaining manner. Take the course on your own time and with your preferred platform (PC, iPhone, tablet, and more). Learn about defensive driving in Texas with the most entertaining course on the market! Registering online is fast and easy and allows you to get started right away.


Texas Education Agency Approved Course for Texas Defensive Driving Online.
Comedy Defensive Driving C1965 – International Driver Training, Inc. CP333
Comedy Defensive Driving School® is the Federally Registered Trademark of IDT, Inc. All rights reserved 1989-2015
**This Texas Defensive Driving Class fulfills the requirements of the Traffic Ticket Dismissal for ALL courts in Texas and for Insurance Reduction. This course can also be taken voluntarily to brush up on your driving skills.**