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You Can Take Your Defensive Driving Course Online

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After the long arm of the law has reached over and handed you ticket for blowing past the speed limit sign like it didn’t even exist, you have to options. You can fork over a huge chunk of your next paycheck at the courthouse or you can choose to take your defensive driving course online in Texas and have the ticket and all associated costs and points dismissed.

Not Everyone Can Spare Time to Attend a Defensive Driving Class

We understand that due to many people actually having a life that not everyone has the time to spend six hours tied up in a classroom. To make it easier for you to still attend your defensive driving course, we have developed an online version of the class that is far more enjoyable and can be taken as and when you have time to sit down in the comfort of your own home and relax. Our online course is fully accredited and accepted by the State of Texas.

Improving Your View

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I took an evening to see a movie with a friend. There is nothing more alluring than seeing a film on the big screen. The surround sound is something you cannot get at home. Well, maybe now with the home theatre set-up. But no one can even hear it between family arguments at my house. So going to the theater was somewhat of a stay-cation for me. It had been a while since I had ventured into this particular theater. Between the price of admission and a large popcorn, I realize this is why people really cry at the movies. This was, at one time, a popular film that we were seeing. But it had been in the theater for nearly a month so the venue was nearly empty. We got a perfect pair of seats, smack dab in the middle. Not too close and not too far from the screen. Lo and behold, right before the film began, someone plopped down into the seat directly in front of me. Now, I am all of 5’2″ when standing. And this guy must have played for the Dallas Mavericks or something. I couldn’t see a darned thing. And his head was like a giant pinata. Or, rather, more like the size of a Macy’s parade balloon. I swear there were little people holding ropes on the ground around him to keep his head steady. And, to top it off (no pun) the guy was wearing a hat. In the movie theater! And he was absolutely clueless! You are aware that this is why Abraham Lincoln was shot at the theater. It was that damned top hat. I bet lots of gentlemen in those days never lived to see the end of a production because they simply forgot to remove their top hats. I only know this about Lincoln because I went to Lincoln High. Our school mascot was a guy wearing a top hat who was slumped over in a theater chair. Not a lion or a pirate like other schools… An assassinated president. Where is this going, you ask? This is all about allowing people to block your view. When driving, it’s always a good idea to keep a safe following distance between you and the car in front of you. Rather than tailgating him and really making him mad. If that car in front of you isn’t a car at all, but rather a tall truck or S.U.V., moving over to another lane where you can see ahead of your intended path of travel would be a good option.  Keep a clear view ahead so you have better reaction time.  Just like at the movies, so you don’t miss anything.  And so there is no surprise ending!!

Until next week…space it out…put some safe space between you and the guy in front of you.

Daun Thompson

What is the Best Way to Take your Defensive Driving Course?

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If you have decided that you need to take a defensive driving course, then the next thing you need to decide is what is going to be the best way to do so. You have a couple of different choices available to you, you can take an offline class which entails finding one close to your home and hoping that you can find a date that you do not have to work in order to take it, or you can take a class online providing of course that you have a computer and online access to do so.

How You Take Your Defensive Driving Course Depends on What Works Best For You

There is no one right way to take a defensive driving course, if you would rather be in a classroom and there is a class that is convenient for you then this is the way you should take your class. Online defensive driving classes are available for those that are unable to attend an offline class; these classes are low cost and offer the most flexibility for those that need it.

Traffic School Does Not Have to Be Boring

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Does the idea of sitting through a 6 hour long class listening to an instructor go on and on about how to drive safely not exactly thrill you? For some people it is worse than that, they see the money they spend as being a complete waste because they know they cannot sit for hours and learn anything in this matter, so not only do they not bother with the traffic school but they pay extra for that ticket just to avoid it.

A Traffic School That is Not So Painful

If the idea of attending traffic school seem downright painful to you, then a comedy defensive driving class might be just the remedy. Before you think that this seems too hokey to be true, this class has a number of fans that would almost take the class again just the entertainment factor. You may even be surprised to learn a few useful things, but mostly you will just be grateful to find a class you won’t sleep all the way through.

Texas Defensive Driving Classes Are a Must if Your Points Are Starting To Build Up

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In Texas you accrue points on your license each time you get a ticket, these points build up and can eventually end up costing you a lot of money in fines or even your license. It is not as hard as you might think for a busy person to end up getting to the limit of the points they are allowed before consequence set in, fortunately however you can take Texas defensive driving classes and it will help.

Texas Defensive Driving Classes Will Eliminate the Last Violation On your License

Provided it meets all of the criteria you can have the last violation lifted from your license and keep you from having too many points on your license. Texas defensive driving classes can be taken online or offline depending on your preferences and once you have completed them you will get a certificate that you can turn into the courts to get your ticket dismissed.

Choosing the Lowest Price Traffic School

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Since there are state minimum costs in some states for traffic school the lowest price traffic school is not just based on the cost of the traffic school alone. There are many classes that come right in at the state minimum but there is more to taking the class than just the amount of money that you spend on the class.

The Lowest Price Traffic School is an Online School

By the time you take into account any time off work, the cost of a babysitter, gas and parking pretty soon an offline class can get pretty expensive. An online class is your lowest price traffic school just by virtue of the fact that you can avoid all of those extra costs and have nothing to pay but the price of the class itself. In fact the cost is so low that it is going to be cheaper than actually paying the ticket you are trying to avoid by taking the class.

A Defensive Driving Course Online Leaves Few Excuses To Not Get That Ticket Dismissed

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If you have had a couple of tickets and are getting close to too many points on your license it may have been recommended to you to take a defensive driving course. You may have plenty of excuses not to take one, such as no time, you have to work or the class is too far away or filled up. It is for this reason that the defensive driving course online has become so popular, it fills a void where many people could not make an offline class work for them.

The Defensive Driving Course Online is Flexible Enough Anyone can Take it

If you have access to a computer and the Internet then you can take a defensive driving course online, most people who do not have computers can access one at the library or at work. You can take the class in any size sessions you need in order to be able to complete it making it as flexible as possible for those with busy lives.

Texas Defensive Driving School Offers You The Ability to Save Money On your Insurance

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Even if you are taking a defensive driving class in order to get a ticket removed from your record or are doing it because the judge ordered it, these Texas defensive driving classes do have something more to offer you. When you take these classes you can also send in proof to most insurance companies and receive a discount off of your insurance. In addition to not watching your insurance go up after getting too many tickets this can add up to a significant savings.

Check With Your Insurance Company to See if their Offer Discounts for a Texas Defensive Driving Class

Not all insurance companies offer a discount, but a lot of them do, the best thing to do is to check with your individual insurance company before you take a Texas defensive driving class to see if getting a discount is possible and if it is if there are any restrictions that you need to be aware.


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Roadkill Bingo. I thought it sounded like a great idea, but someone had already beat me to it. Playing a game like this on a road trip would be a refreshing change from a kid being focused on a laptop or a video game for hours. It would also encourage them to actually look out the window and view the scenery. What a concept, right? So they can get some sightseeing in while searching for roadkill (also known as “flat meats” or “the other-other white meat”…I just made that last one up). After all, death is a part of life. And road fauna (or if it’s a young deer…fawn-a) is abundant. Of course, automobiles have impacted how we eat, altogether. Now you have the option to drive through or drive by. Automobiles have most certainly helped us to drive animals to their graves. I read somewhere that deer horns can be mounted on vehicles to warn deer of approaching automobiles. I envisioned the rack of a seven point buck mounted to the front of the car so it looks like a deer itself. Interesting. Then I realized…those things are called antlers. Not horns! That’s the Devil. Sometimes I get the two confused. And, although you can possibly hit a deer any time of the day, deer tend to be more active at dawn and dusk. And, they are particularly active during the October-December mating season. What a coincidence…the same goes for all of the trampy girls in my hometown.
If you don’t know what to do if you hit an animal, just call the local authorities. They will probably recognize you from your seedy past. Regulations on whether you may remove an animal from the road vary from state to state. In this economy, is wouldn’t be such a bad thing to be able to take roadkill off the road. But, at least in Texas, it is against the law to do so. Apparently they don’t want you to become roadkill while you’re taking the roadkill off of the road.  Go figure!

Until next week…

Daun Thompson

Preserve Your Texas Driving Record With Defensive Driving Classes

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Your Texas driving record is not something that you can afford to ignore; if it gets too many points on it you can find yourself paying fines that you cannot afford to pay and you may even end up losing your license. If you have found yourself getting too many tickets, a defensive driving class can help you keep your driving record from reaching the critical point.

Your Texas Driving Record Is Too Important To Ignore

Many people do not think about getting too many tickets until all of a sudden they are facing increased fines because of it. Then suddenly they realize that they should have indeed thought more about what getting all those tickets meant as well as what they are doing to their Texas driving record. With a defensive driving class you can remove recent violation a year, ensuring that you don’t end up with too many points and won’t have to worry about losing your license.