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Online Traffic School

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Online Traffic School – For When Paying Attention is not your Strongest Skill

If you need to take traffic school then why not do it in a way that you will learn something? For most people the thought of sitting through a six hour class is more than they can deal with; long, boring and for them impossible to pay attention to. If this is you then the comedy defensive driving online traffic school is just for you. Not only will you appreciate the fact that this class is easy to listen to and enjoyable to watch but you don’t have to sit through the entire thing at one time.

For those that have a hard time paying attention, online traffic school is just what they need to get this requirement taken care of. You can watch it in any segment you need to in the comfort of your own home. Visit us at Comedy Defensive Driving to learn more and to get your course started today.


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With schools re-opening within the next few weeks…just a friendly reminder…look out!

Between school zone laws and passing a school bus with its alternating red lights flashing, you could find yourself facing some stiff penalties once school has started.Remember when you were a kid?Summer’s coming to an end.Your Mother takes you school shopping.How exciting was that??Then, the first day of school comes.You have all of your shiny new school supplies and those new pony fur hot pants you just couldn’t live without (o.k…those were a really bad idea).And about a half hour into the first day back, you’re like “Sh*t!She tricked me again.I hate school!!”

I remember my daughter’s first day of Kindergarten.We’d skipped daycare and preschool because she had a nanny at home.So she wasn’t used to the conventional school happenings.When I picked her up that first half day, I asked her “So how was your first day of Kindergarten?”She said “I guess it was o.k.But I got in really big trouble.”“Why? What did you do?”“I don’t know, but they made me take a nap.”I also, with some coaxing on her part, admitted that I was, indeed, the tooth fairy.“Wow! You can fly???” was her unexpected response.

I told her how, when I was her age, my sisters and I would walk to school every day.She said “Why? Didn’t your parents love you??”I guess she had a good point.Now, if you allow your kids to walk anywhere without adult supervision, they may just get supervised by your friendly neighborhood predator.

So, remember, school zones are 20mph, even though in other states this speed varies.Yes, we all know, if you were going any slower, you’d be in reverse.But little ones will dart out right in front of you.They can’t be responsible for their own actions.The law takes child safety very seriously.And, in most cities, active school zones are hands-free.Meaning no hand-held devices.Both are sizeable fines.And most people get the double whammy because they were distracted by the cellphone and missed the flashing school zone light.Another thing to remember, school buses transporting kids to and from school make frequent stops to load and unload those little brats (that’s what the bus drivers call them…why can’t I??).When the bus driver turns on those alternating flashing lights, you must stop behind the bus.Not doing so is considered “Overtaking a School Bus” and is a sizeable fine.If you are on the opposite side of the street, going the opposite direction and there is a true median (grass, gravel, trees, cement or grassy knoll with a president buried there) separating your side from where the bus is, you do not have to stop for the bus.Although, you do have to stop for that bus if there is a divide in that median, or if there is only a painted line separating your side from the side where the bus is.

If you’re taking other people’s kiddos to school, you must have all children under the age of 5 years old or under 4’9” in a booster seat and all other kids must be seat belted.Thank God for that.Because, I don’t care what you say…kids are a major distraction.When I was a kid, we didn’t have cell phones or GPS and crap like that.The biggest distraction in the car when I was a kid…was kids!My Mom would have one hand on the wheel and the other just swinging away at us in the back seat.There is one advantage to taking other people’s kids to school though. You can get on the H.O.V. lane and use the kid as the second passenger.Brilliant?I think so.You may have just found your commuting partner.And it may just get you to work faster.

Until next week…watch out for kiddos.

Daun Thompson

( Daun Thompson is a comedienne, writer and artist residing in Dallas, Texas )

Comedy Defensive Driving

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Learning Better Driving Skills with Comedy Defensive Driving

Defensive driving is the proper way people should operate their motor vehicles on the open roads. Drivers, who follow this method obey speed limits, use turn signals, follow at safe distances and follow all other traffic laws. People who speed, cause accidents and get tickets will often be sent to defensive driving school in order to learn better driving habits. One type of driving school available is comedy defensive driving, which uses comedians as instructors to promote a fun learning environment.

Comedy Defensive Driving Offers Classroom and Online Courses

Driving schools which use comedy to lighten the mood create learning experiences which students remember long after the course is completed. Other types of driving courses require students to spend a lot of time reading books and writing. Comedy Defensive Driving, on the other hand employs top rated and professional comedians to lead instruction in their traffic courses which are available both online and in classroom settings.

Enjoy Learning with Comedy Traffic School

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People who have to attend traffic school can attend one which uses comedians as actual instructors. Defensive driving skills are taught using proven methods in comedy traffic school, where developing the needed skills is taken seriously while creating a fun and productive learning environment. Other traffic school courses often require students to learn defensive driving by using reading materials and then taking written tests, resulting in students forgetting skills from one module to the next.

Comedy Traffic School Teaches Defensive Driving

Defensive driving courses can be taken by people of all different ages for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is the result of a traffic ticket or accident, but people also take these courses to improve their driving skills and receive discounts on their automobile insurance rates. One method of learning which is successful and state approved for defensive driving courses is Comedy Traffic School. This type of school uses real professional comedians as instructors while teaching students defensive driving skills and is available from Comedy Defensive Driving.

Defensive Driving

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Learning Defensive Driving Skills

Driving is a dangerous prospect when the behavior of other road users is unpredictable, but good defensive driving skills can get you out of many close shaves. Learning these skills is a matter of finding a school which offers training and completing a lesson program. A school which uses a fun approach yet packs lessons with information will both entertain you and equip you with the skills you need to be a vigilant driver.

Learning Defensive Driving Online versus Classroom Training

It is possible to take lessons in defensive driving online, or you can complete classroom training if you prefer. The advantage to taking online lessons in video format is that you can watch through each module in your own time, and can fit in your course around other obligations. Classroom lessons with a live teacher provide a fun group dynamic, and a school which offers both formats enables you to choose the option which you think you are likely to prefer.


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Speed traps in North America.Cha ching!Where do we start?There are several websites whose sole purpose is to locate and create a listing of speed traps across the is one such website.(Another option that I feel has saved me from being ticketed over the years? Just drive like a nervous Chihuahua and look out for cops).

How each website compiles their information varies. There are websites where they list the top ten worst states for speeding tickets, or for traffic tickets which are actually compiled by number of violations issued in a given period. Another lists ten states to watch your wallet in. And these states appear to have similar characteristics. Toll roads, road blocks, freeway construction and red light cameras, to name a few. Compiled data from the Google search engine has created a list of the top cities that generated the highest number of searches for “speeding tickets” and “traffic tickets”.Wondering where your city is on the list?Me too.

It appears that, although California, Texas and Florida are hot beds for losing your wallet to the law (most speeding tickets and traffic tickets written),none of these three states are at the top ten list for speed traps.In fact, California ranks 14, with Fresno being their top ticket city.Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Irvine and Pleasanton are the contending cities.Pleasanton has an awesome mall. I believe I’ve even gotten a ticket there once. Texas ranks 28, with Houston being their top ticket city. Although Richardson, Dallas, Austin and Arlington are nearly as bad.Florida finds itself on the list at number 18. Waldo being its bad boy city for tickets. Where the hell is Waldo, anyway?? No, I really mean it…And Miami, Orlando and Tampa appear to be up and coming ticket cities in that state.

The top states, along with their top cities for speed traps are as follows.And most of them are not large cities.

1) New Jersey (Paramus)
2) Ohio (Columbus)
3) Maryland (Frederick)
4) Louisiana (Woodworth)
5) New York (Brooklyn)
6) Illinois (Naperville
…You know, where they film the show “Female Forces”…like girls gone wild…only with cops)
7) Delaware (Newark)
8) Virginia (Virginia Beach)
9) Washington (Bellingham)
10) Massachusetts (Worcester)

In addition to knowing which states and their cities are worst for traps, there are also other key items to keep in mind when traveling out of state.In some states, you cannot take a right on red. Nor a left on a one way to a one way on red. Some highway traffic has the right of way to oncoming traffic and some yields to. Some states have hands free laws, where some only have city ordinances (i.e. Austin, Texas has a no texting city ordinance).

Do a little research before heading out on a road trip. And keep your wallet where it belongs…in your wife’s purse.

Daun Thompson

( Daun Thompson is a comedienne, artist and writer … who is currently feeling blessed that she is not a hot tar roofer… residing in the triple digits, hotter than hell, state of Texas )

Defensive Driving Course

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Defensive Driving Course for Teenage Drivers

Completing a defensive driving course is ideal for new teenage drivers in states where drivers’ education courses are not required in order to obtain driver license. In certain states all that is required is to pass a written test and a road test, leaving the new driver to develop their own driving skills. Defensive driving learned through courses helps to teach new drivers about safer driving, such as following at safe distances, following speed limits and driving slower when road conditions deteriorate.

Online Defensive Driving Course

A defensive driving course can be taken either in a classroom setting or online through a state approved provider. Online courses offer the flexibility of being able to start and stop courses and having access from anywhere there is an internet connection. Classroom settings require the person to attend the entire class period, from start to finish with only scheduled breaks. State approved online courses are available from Comedy Defensive Driving, which uses real comedians to teach people about defensive driving.

Defensive Driving Online

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Defensive Driving Online Provides Benefits for Students

Defensive driving online courses offer many benefits over traditional classroom based learning and instruction. Students have the ability to start and stop modules while learning at their own pace. Some students may need extra time to fully absorb the knowledge in the module and online instruction works better. Online traffic school courses can also be reviewed more than once until the student if comfortable with the material and ready to move onto the next module.

Defensive Driving Online using Comedians

Defensive driving online courses use different methods for students to learn the required materials to become safer drivers. Some require students to read through the materials and then take written tests to reinforce the learning. The issue with this type of learning is some students only retain the knowledge from lesson to lesson because they are concentrating on passing the written tests. A better solution is to use Comedy Defensive Driving, which offers online instruction using professional comedians and requires no reading or writing to complete the course.


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After teaching last evening’s comedy defensive driving class (it’s like doing a six hour show), I was approached by one of my students.A husband that had attended with his wife.She was in there for a speeding ticket.He was in there for “moral support”, plus an insurance discount.He whispered “You know why I haven’t gotten a ticket in a long time, don’t you?It’s because I’m a retired police officer.”I recall saying something stupid like “That’s awesome!”When I was actually thinking “Oh sh*t!I hope I didn’t say anything to offend him.”If so, it was all in gest.After all, it is comedy defensive driving.I do respect the police and what they do (and I’m not just saying that to get myself out of a ticket in the future).I may have mentioned the word “donut” a time or two…and I recall feeling like a hack.Thank God they don’t write tickets for being a hack…if they did, I know some open micers who would be serving life.

In my class, I hear people talking about living in the suburbs, feeling safe in their town because it’s very well patrolled.Police are very visible.Making these people feel safe living there…until they get a ticket from one of those police, then they’re all “Those darned cops…why don’t they pick on real criminals?”

A majority of my students attend the class because of a speeding ticket.That’s pretty common.Most young boys in my class are in there for high speeds over the limit.Putting the pedal to the metal to see how fast their car really goes, to see if the speedometer, past that certain point, is real or fake.I mean, you gotta try it…at least once!In Texas, if you are speeding 25mph or higher over the speed limit, you may not be able to take a defensive driving class, and the ticket may go directly on your driving record.For a young man, their insurance is already high enough.And I have found that most police officers, especially male officers, because they, too, did the exact same scenario when they were young, and know too well how high a young male’s insurance is, will empathize with them by writing the ticket for a lower speed over the limit. This way, they are able to attend a class, and the ticket therefore will not go on their driving record.And their already high insurance rate won’t increase.Now, that’s nice.I don’t care what you say.Of course, giving a warning would be nicer…this is true.

I warn my students that the police are really stepping up in regards to writing tickets for low speeds over the limit, not signaling, changing lanes within an intersection, just grazing the solid double white line, speeding on the access road to get a good running start when entering the freeway and exiting the freeway above the exit ramp speed limit. To name a few.Police are only human.And, like most humans, some are kind and some are cranky.It’s just human nature.Being a traffic cop is a job that I certainly would not want.Pulling people over all day long.Getting the sour puss.No one would ever be glad to see you.“I’m so glad you pulled me over…I needed somebody to talk to.”Some of those police probably leave for work in a fairly good mood and by the end of their shift, they’re over it.The disrespect and bitterness they must endure, plus putting their lives on the line, I would rather be a bill collector. At least you don’t have to look at those people.

And, in my experience, all the police really want from you is the truth.If you’re honest with them, that’s all they want…that, and you following the traffic laws so you don’t put yours or anyone else’s life in danger.And, I bet they’ve heard it all.All kinds of elaborate stories.So don’t try to pull any b.s. on them.They can smell b.s. a mile away (and they probably use laser to detect it).

Until next week…be nice.Everybody’s just doing their job.

Daun Thompson

( Daun Thompson is a comedienne, writer and artist residing in Dallas, Texas )

Defensive Driving Texas

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Defensive Driving in Texas Creates Better Drivers

People’s lives can be stressful and when this stress is transferred to driving habits, it can result in offensive driving habits and accidents. Offensive drivers cut people off, speed, and do not follow defensive driving skills. Defensive driving skills are following speed limits, allowing for safe following distances and being able to anticipate other drivers’ intentions. Defensive driving in Texas is important with the number of vehicles on the road to create safer driving conditions for all motorists.

Learning Defensive Driving in Texas

New drivers which undergo drivers’ education courses learn defensive driving in Texas, which teaches them the proper way to drive and operate a vehicle. When people get tickets and get into accidents frequently, the state can require the person to attend traffic school. Traffic school can be taken by anyone voluntarily to improve driving skills or when it is court ordered. Courses are available in classroom settings and online from Comedy Defensive Driving, which uses real comedians to teach people defensive driving skills.